Top 5 Christmas hamper packaging best sellers

Top 5 Christmas hamper packaging best sellers

We’re not normally ones to kiss and tell, but when it comes to our Christmas gift ideas and best sellers, we’re happy to. So what gift packaging sells well? What inspires other retailers? What is hot this season? We have over 850 gift packaging lines and even though they say variety is the spice of life, it can be an intimidating amount to choose from. Here’s a list of our top 5 Christmas gift packaging best sellers. Check them out, and for more Christmas gift ideas, read our blog ‘How to increase sales with Christmas hampers’ for top tips on how you can increase profits this Christmas.

1. BW02 – The two bottle wooden hamper box for wine comes with a sliding lid and is part of our economy range of wooden gift packaging . It is without doubt WBC’s best selling product of all time and one of our most popular Christmas gift ideas. Specialist wine and drinks retailers love them not just because they look smart, but because they’re affordable, and when combined with one of our strong transit outers, they’re perfect for sending wine as a gift with careful couriers. The two bottle wooden wine hamper box can be branded too, making it a popular option for corporate Christmas gift ideas .

2. Christmas hamper Trays and Cello Lids are popular with delis, farm-shops, and gift retailers. Perfect for chocolates, jars of preserves, and lots of other consumables, they’re versatile, come in three sizes, several colours and the same gift tray can be used to create Christmas hampers and gift baskets at a variety of price points to suit all budgets. Finish your hamper tray off by heat shrinking a cellophane bag to hold product in place, or save time by using one of our specially designed cello lids. A range of bows and ribbons add that finishing touch to your Christmas hampers. Don’t forget to make sure your range of gift packaging options are displayed prominently so that customers are offered a range of ready-made Christmas gift ideas .

3. Rigid Christmas hamper box always a favourite! So much so that we’ve increased our selection this Christmas with colours of gold, silver and berry red; and at your request have included an extended range of Christmas designs too. The Rigid hamper box really is the height of affordable luxury.

4. 18 inch traditional empty wicker hampers are beautifully hand-crafted with strong faux leather fittings and cut out handles at either end to facilitate carrying. Empty wicker hampers will always be popular throughout the year, but especially at Christmas. The generous interior will comfortably accommodate 3 magnums or 5 x 75cl Champagne bottles with plenty of space to pile in caviar, cakes, hams and condiments – Christmas gift ideas fit for a king!

5. Shred & Fill and all those finishing touches is what every Christmas hamper and gift maker needs. Whether you’re using dazzling shredded paper, wood wool or intelligent fill in your hamper, we have your every decorative and protective shred requirement covered. Crinkle cut and very fine shreds are economical, innovative, and available in blended shades to match your brand. Be sure to order your bows and ribbons in good time, if you can only afford the basics, a few ribbons will turn your gift packaging into beautiful Christmas gifts.

See our handy video on how to create the perfect pull bow:

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