Vintage tote boxes popular for retail display & storage

Industrial tote boxes seem to be everywhere at the moment. Shop owners are going back to the old old school, picking up objects of antiquity and finding creative uses for them in their merchandising display campaigns or in store windows.

I’m not talking about that highly polished mahogany unit your nan passed on. The one your folks keep describing as a family ‘heir-loom’ but you keep ‘accidentally’ trying to knock over and permanently damage. I’m talking industrial chic – remnants of yester-year in materials of wood, leather, and metal. It’s fascinating how interior design and retail merchandising can salvage the grit of every day objects, like unrecognisable car parts and old wire racks; then scrub them up and place them as the centrepiece at some swanky Mayfair diner.

You may have seen some of these galvanised metal objects inside the #PropShop and wondered what the hell to do with them. So here’s some inspiration we spotted in recent travels.

Andrew Wilson recently returned from Ibiza (I know right! coolest Managing Director ever award?) where he spotted these Philips antique tote boxes adding some class to a candle display in a indie gift shop. These are the very same boxes you’ll find inside the #PropShop – see below for dimensions and pricing.

Metamorphosis used vintage totes as part of the recent WBC pop-up shop at this year’s Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2012. They showed retailers how easy it is to dramatically improve their retail environment, and basically they looked really cool.

We have a number of tote boxes in stock, so you’re not confined to sourcing only one at a time. But like everything in the #PropShop if you see something you like, get in there quick because these are not reproductions, they’re the real deal.

On the left: Vintage large galvinised metal tote boxes originally used in the Philips factory in Holland. All the boxes have swing handles each end and have dated Philips stamp from between 1960 and 1983. Designed to stack they are perfect for storage and display. Reasonably good stocks at the moment but do not delay as they sell very quickly. Internal dimensions 50cm x 32cm x 16cm deep. £24 each Ex Vat

On the right: Small Vintage industrial tote box measuring 28cm x 14cm x 15cm depth. Chunky and tough, far superior to newer versions. Used until recently for car parts in a factory, the boxes do have remnants of paper labels on them as well as being a little greasy/oily inside. We sell them as we find them but they clean up pretty easily, perfect for retail display. New larger version just launched. £14.95 Ex Vat

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