National food & drink awareness dates in October


There are a billion and one awareness days/weeks coming up in October, keeping track of them can be bit of a nightmare. I confess in the past I’ve been relatively cynical about the sheer volume of things I’m supposed to be aware of. Maybe it’s just that one too many aubergine days of the week have sent me over the edge, or the thought of celebrating them all, just exhausting. The truth is, many of our British producers are working tirelessly to stay afloat and sustain the growth of food production on UK shores. Raising awareness of the importance of the local produce to our communities is a great way of doing just that. So even if you don’t drop everything and cover your store walls in pretzels the next time you see that awareness month pop up in your twitter feed, the very least we can do is spare them a thought.

But if you want to take it that step further, why not get involved or kill two birds with one stone and create a small interchangeable hotspot with portable pop-up stands within the store to celebrate a particular event. You can see how easily CH & Co put together attractive displays. Not only will it capture shopper’s interest but you’ll probably find you sell more in the process. So it’s a big thank you to lovely food association Tastes of Anglia for bringing our attention to the following list of dates. Here’s the list of events…

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