A Hamper is like a puppy, it’s not just for Christmas!


Can you turn your gift hamper upside down without the contents going into orbit?  Can you shrink wrap a hamper without installing air conditioning (aka holes in the cellophane!)?  Can you increase the perceived value of your hamper simply by adding a finishing touch?   If you’ve said ‘no’ to any of these questions, you would be most welcome on one of my upcoming half day or full day gift wrapping training courses around the UK.  By the end of the session you’ll leave with enhanced gift wrapping skills and hampers ready to sell, put on display or photograph for your website.

To make life simple it helps to get all your gift wrapping and hamper making products from one supplier.  I purchase all my hamper making essentials from WBC. After my gift wrapping course you too may find that some items previously unnoticed in their catalogue become a ‘must buy’!  Knowing that you can place an order one day with delivery the next, you’ll be able to start pushing up profits immediately!

During the hamper making course I will not only show you quick and easy ways of gift wrapping hampers with the wow factor, but you’ll also see how to clear slow moving stock and transform even the simplest item like a bar of chocolate or a couple of jars of jam into a profit generating gift.  The good news is that your improved techniques will also help you create eye-catching displays for merchandising.  Handy when you’ve only got 8 seconds to attract the attention of a passer-by and invaluable when you’re working hard to create a special point of difference.

Your customers will soon see that they can not only count on you for delicious food for the store cupboard but you can save them time by having a plethora of presents wrapped and ready to go.  Instead of just increasing sales at Christmas, your till will be ringing throughout the year as you offer themed gifts for all occasions.

If budgets or time are too tight to enable you to join me, don’t despair because other training options are available.  My DVDs and pay to view videos can all be purchased online at www.aronakhan.com. And don’t forget for up to the minute top tips and tricks of the trade through the day, come follow me @aronakhan

Hope to see you soon!






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