Spotted some wheely great crates in Barcelona!

Following on from the 101 uses for an apple crate blog we posted a number of months ago now, I’m still mesmerised by the creativity of some store owners and merchandising geniuses. Retail display, visual merchandising and window dressing, doesn’t have to be confined to what’s immediately available ‘fresh out the box’ on the market, although it has to be said a decent supplier keeps their ear to the ground for trends and stuff you actually need! Still, a bit of self-customising is all good too. When you have access to great vintage retail display props at trade prices, and it’s coupled with a decent imagination – the world is your oyster. Last week I was on holiday in Barcelona, and couldn’t help snapping a few interesting visual merchandising ideas as I went. I’ve put them up on Pinterest too so you can send them to all and sundry. Check these out:

Some clever clog has taken vintage crates, also known as bushel crates, drilled some holes into the bottom and added wheels. We did something similar on a much bigger scale for people needing retail display units that work for exhibitions and trade shows too and we have brand new line launching at Speciality & Fine Food this year too. But these smaller versions are perfect for dotting round your shop. Plus they’re portable and easy to manoeuvre. This particular shop had them filled with T-shirts.

Minutes later I came across more ‘wheeled’ crates outside a garden centre. Spooky. Either that or I have work on the brain. It’s easy to spot them cause I love vintage material, maybe it’s because I hate throwing things away….although it’s more likely that they make me feel younger.

Anyway, there’s no need to spend endless hours trying to find all this stuff. We have fruit crates and chitting trays and retail props at rock bottom prices in the #PropShop so if you see others trying to source them or paying over the odds – believe me, I’ve seen them going for as much as £25 a piece  – don’t bother, pick up a few from a trade supplier and then experiment. You’ll find some other great ideas for using vintage materials in the retail display section of our pinterest account, including some pretty nifty painted ones!

Incidentally if you find yourself in Barcelona and stuck for somewhere cool to eat, you must try La Minerva Restaurant tucked away off the beaten track but still in the hip and trendy Eixample district. The menu is tasty and well priced with great service thrown in (somewhat unusal for Spain). We had the tasting menu, highlights of which included Pan-seared scallops with crispy Serrano Ham, and Solomillo de avestruz asado con col lombarda y Spaetzle, roasted Ostrich to you and me, all ‘fably’ priced at just 46 Euros. Bargain!

Buenos Noches


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