Google blogs about how WBC boosted e-comm conversion rates

First of all, it’s not every day that Google blogs about you. Secondly, I’m so used to having to weed out tweets from lazy people attempting to address the World Boxing Council (WBC) – not us. Or worse still, sending extreme vitriolic messages to Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), guess what? Also not us. So I can be somewhat excused for over-looking the following twitter message from @googleanalytics in our feed this morning.


They couldn’t possibly be talking about us could they? Well low and behold, it looks like they were! Thanks to our amazing team of consultants at Periscopix who recently wrote a case study about us, we have indeed seen conversion rates on our website increase dramatically. A big thank you to all involved, and especially to Lauren Gale, our e-commerce manager for making sense of what a conversion rate is in the first place. Nice to know we’re doing something right!

If you’re interested in reading more about how we’ve optimised our website, click the tweet pic above.

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