Monthly Archives: June 2012

Finding the right bank for your small business needs

Business finance is the hot topic of the day. There are endless stories about the need to help small businesses not just recover, but sustain and expand. Back in March the Chancellor rolled out plans for a £20bn government scheme to try and boost bank lending to small and medium-sized enterprises. Turns out what the government deems small may not be all that small at all. In fact you have to be turning over £50 million just to get a look in.  And then only today the FSA ruling showed “serious failings” and more dodgy dealings within high-street banking; a mis-selling of ‘specialist insurance to small business’.  ‘The Yorkshire Pantry’ recently asked on twitter: how do you find an ‘ethical’ bank? How do you find a bank that understands your needs? Here are some of our experiences and tips that have helped us.

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