Who else fancies a night in with Vallebona?

Vallebona specialises in gourmet Italian & Sardinian food for wholesale and private customers. They supply seriously delicious wines, cheeses, charcuterie, sweets, stuff from the sea and stuff from the cupboard, as well as gifts and gadgets.

They’re a treasure chest of ‘yumminess’ which for over 15 years has supplied many of the UK’s top restaurants, hotels and specialist food outlets. This week WBC had a staff night out to Vallebona, where they hosted a wine and food tasting that, needless to say, we were entirely spoilt by. If you’re thinking of a staff night out, or a retailer sourcing quality wine and food for your store, we highly recommend these guys. Here are a few pictures of our night out, along with our insider’s staff review.

I’m told by owner Stefano Vallebona that his company are also winners of a Great Taste Award, though he modestly brushes this off and only admits it when eagle-eyed ‘me’ spots a sticker tucked round the corner of the cheese chilling room.

Nonetheless, Vallebona have much to be proud of. From stall traders at Borough Market, to their current premises in Wimbledon, Stefano and wife Naoko have truly kept something special in the family. Here’s what some of our team thought of the night out.

“A fantastic evening hosted with warmth, passion and professionalism.  The cleanliness of the venue and precision of the presentation immediately made me comfortable and eager to taste everything on offer!  As ever, the crema di pecorino on music paper was delightful with every topping, but the thinly sliced smoked tuna was a revelation for me, absolutely unexpected and a real treat to experience something new. The gorgonzola with mosto d’uva was phenomenal and cannot go without a mention. I will certainly be treating myself again.  In terms of the wine, delicious prosecco dei colli started the evening very well, but the Amarone Alpha Zeta is certainly the absolute star of the evening for me.” James Hayward (WBC Marketing Director)

“Whilst it was all amazing, my stand out memories are the thinly sliced tuna, the lamb and venison prosciutto and the second white wine Greco/Fiano “Pipoli”. Everything else lived up to my high expectations of Stefano’s meat and cheese counter!”  Andrew Wilson (WBC Managing Director)

“Food was incredible, especially the Venison Prosciutto, the lovely Prosecco, and the hospitality was fantastic! Massive thanks to both Stefano & Naoko – a very satisfying evening.” Tom Parker (WBC Sales)

The food and wine was amazing melt in your mouth delicious – so much so that I will be going with my family this weekend to try some new Sardinian delicacies to take home with me. Julian Recordon (WBC Sales Director)

“I’ve never liked wine before but it turns out I just have expensive taste! Thanks so much for the amazing wine and food, I hope we weren’t too annoying to deal with.” Aimee Armitage (WBC Sales)

“The Greco Fiano was a delicious summer white and the Amarone was sensational!” Tim Wilkinson (WBC Director)

“The wine & food tasting experience that Vallebonna offer is second to none, Stefano and his staff are so passionate and knowledgeable about their products which I found a welcome breath of fresh air. In particular I loved the Prosecco which would be delicious on a warm Summers evening. Another highlight was the amazing charcuterie selection, especially the cured lamb which I had never tasted before!” Nick Harvey (WBC Sales Manager)

It’s true, there really is nothing better than a wine tasting you don’t have to spit out into a spittoon! Vallebona ooze a confidence that only comes from experience and an ease that makes them so much more than mere professional wholesalers; they have a ‘one to one service’ down to a fine art too. Cheers guys!


Meats & cheese:

Lamb Prosciutto £6.92

Venison Prosciutto £8

Smoked Tuna 100g £7.11 

Music Paper Large 800g £7.99

Gorgonzola Naturale DOP £4.85

Mosto d’Uva 120ml £7.49


Pipoli Greco/Fiano IGT, Basilicata £9.99

Amarone Alpha Zeta 25.20

Vallebona Limited – Unit 14, 55-59 Weir Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 8UG Tel. +44 208 944 5665   Fax.+44 208 971 2054

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