Who am I?


It’s like I have ADHD.
I’m not known for my attention span.
If you want it, you’ll have to grab it fast.
In fact, on average it takes less than 4 seconds to catch mine.
If you haven’t captured it by now, I’ll walk away.

It starts with your window.
I like bright and I like colourful, yellow and reds always catches my eye.
I like to know what you sell and I want to know who you are.
But I can only take in 7% of what I see,
so please don’t give me too much information at once.
Show me a few products at a time.
Better yet, tell me a story.
But change it regularly, because once I’ve seen it a few times I get bored and move on.

Get all this right and I promise you, I’ll be yours for life.

Who am I?

I’m a consumer. I could be your customer.
But I’m not quite yet, we’ll see how things go.

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