5 things you should know about protective Transit Packaging

The simple art of getting a bottle of wine from A to B, as many a fine drinks retailer will testify to, is actually nothing of the kind. It’s not that simple, and it can be a nightmare.

But not if you’re using the right product.

Transit packaging may not look pretty. It may not have the bells and whistles of a luxury silk-lined oak box for example, or the glamour of a faux leather hamper. But it forms the functional backbone for many specialist drinks retailers. With reports of the demise of many high-street businesses, you may be looking to extend your presence online and capture a new audience. For that you’ll need to know the basics. Here’s everything you need to know about transporting bottles in courier safe transit packaging.

1. The ‘Science’ bit

Our transit packaging is made from recycled corrugated board. It basically consists of three components:
• outer liner
• inner liner
• fluting glued between the two

This ‘sandwich’ looking construction gives the corrugated board its strong rigidity, and the unique ability to cushion and protect the contents inside.

Corrugated board comes in a variety of weights and thicknesses (types of flute) that are either single-walled or double-walled. ‘B’ flute is great. ‘EB’ Flute is better.

Diagram of transit board

2. Might is Right

Corrugated board has improved over the years. New technologies have forged fresh ways of increasing the strength of transit packaging. We’ve always sought to bring you these advances, and that’s why we made the move from ‘B’ flute to ‘EB’ on 1,2,3,4 bottle Mailsafe and Polysafe ranges. Put simply, that’s a move from single-walled to double-walled for greater compression strength, robust quality; they’re even harder to crush, and at no extra cost to you!

3. Courier Approved!

Many couriers will stop you dead at the question ‘Do you ship liquids?’ Now you can avoid endless trailing through the yellow pages for suitable courier services that transport wine. Both Mailsafe and Polysafe transit packaging ranges have all been approved for shipping wine via Parcelforce, Interlink Express and DHL. Hey presto! With the right packaging and the right courier, shipping wine no longer has to be a slippery affair.

Courier Approve Wine Packaging Boxes

4. Keep it Green, Keep it British

While calls for shoppers to ‘buy British’ may not always be feasible, we recognise there are clear benefits in doing so. Not only does it support and boost the UK’s manufacturing industry but it helps us all to reduce our carbon footprint – which is a good thing! Buying from WBC, you can rest assured that the wine boxes and transit packaging we use for sending bottles through the post, are not only ‘Made in the UK’ but made from 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper or card!

5. WBC Star system

To help you negotiate your way through the options, we’ve condensed our experience into a simple star system which grades our transit packaging from 1 to 5 depending on the cost/risk ratio. It’s important you choose the correct packaging for the job, and we have options that meet every need and budget.

One Star: RP6 and RP12 Re-Packing Solutions

Designed for re-packing mixed cases in-store (ideal for case of the month selections) or for customers carrying wines from shop to car. This economical packaging solution is perfect for local deliveries made personally or by district courier.

Two Star: Budget Packaging B6 and B12

Recommended for use with specialist wine couriers only. A specially designed starburst pad can be added to improve the security of the contents preventing bottle-necks from moving in transit – a bit like a seatbelt for wine!

Three Star: Budget Packaging BX12

Suitable for dispatch by specialist wine couriers and those utilising cage based sorting systems, this is budget packaging with luxury properties. Cushioned with a starburst pad, the BX12, B12 and B6 travel safely through a conveyor based sorting system, without damage to the wine contents.

Four Star: New and Improved Mailsafe Range

Ding Ding! Round One! This heavyweight is capable of withstanding courier network conveyor sorting systems. Our Mailsafe range comes quadruple walled for quadruple the protection. We recommend the Mailsafe range for all your distribution requirements, except rare and high value wines, for which we would always advise using the Polysafe range.

Five Star: New and Improved Polysafe Range

The Big Daddy of bottle box packaging, Polysafe is a lightweight polystyrene packaging for wine, suitable for international airfreight. It’s robust and capable of withstanding the roughest national courier networks using conveyor based sorting systems. While superior quality and performance doesn’t come cheap Polysafe is simply the only range WBC would recommend for high value wines and champagne distribution.

The choice is yours, and now you’re able to make an informed one. No matter what option you choose, we’d always advise you to discuss your selection with your courier. All of the star rated items above are available to order from WBC online or by FREEPHONE 08000 85 85 95.

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