HAMPER INSPIRATION: Quick and affordable Mothers day gift ideas

Mother's day gift packaging

Mothers day gift ideas

My favourite quote about Mothers has to be from the notorious Oscar Wilde who keenly observes:

“All women become like their mothers.
That is their tragedy.
No man does.
That’s his.”

So it’s with equal measure of gratitude and fear that we dare not forget what has become arguably a fantastically placed retail spin off. But if like many retailers, you’re already overwhelmed with 2012’s ‘sales events’, then sometimes it pays to keep your ideas simple. When you’re struggling for a ready-made gift idea to offer customers – one that doesn’t deplete your time, energy or budget – this gifting idea is an absolute cinch. It’s the perfect impulse purchase Mothers will love. Plus the fact you’re buying it at wholesale trade prices means you will love it even more once you see the profit margins.

In case you’ve had your head in the sand or still playing catch up after Christmas, it’s time to dust off the shelves, removing any selection boxes still hanging about, and plan to prep a small retail space for the ‘Mother’ of all days: Incidentally if you’re American and reading this, you can ignore any sense of urgency.

  • Mother’s Day in the UK: Sunday March 14th 2012
  • Mother’s Day in the US: Sunday May 13th 2012

STEP 1. Take a classic 10oz cotton shopping bag. We’ve chosen the colourful floral design from the classic Mark Ho range (Ref: HOC10) but there are many more to choose from here. Coming soon is a Union Jack shopping bag part of the British themed gift packaging range and the perfect choice for 2012.

STEP 2. Fold carefully

Ribbon and bows for finishing touches on hampers and gifts

STEP 3. Tie a ribbon around the folded bag and finish tightly with a bow. We’ve chosen a satin ribbon in forest green (Ref: DSR/FG) which complements the bag and immediately turns it into a gift with increased perceived value. Whatever colour you choose from the bows and ribbons range, you’ll achieve the same and there are many jute wine bags, canvas shoppers or jute and juco bags to choose from.

Now sit back and count your pennies!

[wpc_table id=5]

We would advise a minimum RRP OF £6.99 but many retailers will easily push this to £9.99. Whichever way you look, purchasing wholesale gift packaging at trade prices means you make yourself a whopping great margin!

Why not add a wooden ‘With Love’ gift tag or write your own message onto a simple kraft gift tag and you’ve created a profitable Mother’s Day gift that even the busiest and most challenged in the dexterity department can’t get wrong.

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