Glass hire services for corporate events, what a ‘crate’ idea!

Offering customers an add-on service like our glass hire services is a great way of sustaining healthy sales throughout the year.  Not only will it attract passing trade and brand new visitors, but it can improve and sustain existing customer loyalty. And once they’re through the door, it will also give you a really good chance of boosting incremental sales of impulse purchases. A customer might come in to talk about hiring glasses for their party, but the chances are they’ll leave with a whole lot more.  If you’re thinking of offering a glass loan service, investing in a selection of good quality glassware, along with glass storage crates is a must – here’s what you need to achieve a functional service.

I recently read an article published in Scottish Local Retailer magazine about a study showing some of the popular ‘add-on’ services that consumers would like to see in their local store. Based on a poll taken from a sample of some 11,684 shoppers some of these included:

  • Mobile phone top-ups
  • Loyalty Scheme
  • Home Delivery
  • In-store Wi-Fi
  • Online order collection
  • Sale or Return

A glass loan service is a popular add-on that’s increasingly expected by consumers, especially regular visitors to off-licences and wine shops. Easy to implement and set-up; when you’re armed with the correct product it can be a lucrative and pain-free service to maintain too. Whether you choose to offer it as a free service or by implementing a deposit system, a glass loan or glass hire service takes advantage of a host of upcoming 2012 events like British themed summer parties, Queen’s Jubilee events, Olympic functions, corporate events, local business events, conference catering, banquets such as weddings, anniversaries and private parties – the list is endless, and if YOU don’t offer it on a plate, you can guarantee someone else will.

Investing in a value range of robust ARC glassware is an ideal option. A full range of stemware and glassware is available specifically for the wine trade: from standard caterers glasses, wine glasses for event organisers, fine wine and champagne glasses, including specialist glasses like ISO tasting glasses and the Islande Hi Ball – all are available to purchase from WBC.

Combine these with Verrepack glass storage crates also known as ‘glass-jacks’ and you’ve solved the age-old problem of how to protect, store and transport glassware and bottles too. Suddenly glass hire becomes a practical service that’s easy to run on an ongoing basis.

Learn how to assemble a glass storage crate and visit our Youtube channel for more videos

…and the benefits stack up

  • Glass storage crates ensure easy storage and transportation.
  • Missing glasses and breakages are clearly visible and easy to identify.
  • Made from hygienic food-grade plastic; glass crates are waterproof and won’t disintegrate over time.
  • Delivered flat-packed for quick and easy assembly
  • Stackable to maximise storage space, perfect for businesses with limited space
  • Optional lids keep the dust off during storage

…and the only no, no?

Sorry but dishwashers and storage crates are not the best of friends.

Top tips!

Although glass storage crates come with a lid as an optional extra, if you’re clever, only one lid is required for the top crate if you’re planning to stack the rest underneath. Save yourself some dosh.

If you’re looking for that little something extra and your budget stretches further – why not consider personalising your storage crate? With a branding service, it’s easy to print your company name or logo as well as a simple message like ‘always return glasses clean – dirty glasses and breakages are charged for’.

To learn more about WBC’s full range of glassware and glass storage crates, including sizes, pricing and our simple measurement guide click here or give us a call on 08000 85 85 95

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