Cool Britannia: British themed gift packaging for 2012 retailers


It’s about time we had some positive self-promotion in this country. Something local, regional, and national, that we’re happy and proud to shout about globally with some British themed gift packaging. It can’t be a bad thing, can it?

For us Brits, ‘bigging oneself up’ is not a past-time we undertake lightly. It requires sufficient gall and the high degree of front we generally regard as best left to our American cousins. But with festivities like the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympic and Paralympic Games, English Wine Week, Love British Food Fortnight, and the thousands of other local events planned – 2012 is our turn!

The world is watching – so by ‘eck [also known as come hell or high water] …..…Yes we can!

In an effort to help you avoid getting caught with your trousers down, here is a snap shot of the British themed hamper, deli, wine and gift packaging that we’re really excited about. You can find the full range here. You won’t see these designs in Tesco, Sainsbury’s or any other multiple out there (unless they steal them). These are designed with the ‘indies’ in mind, and not just for the sake of it; even the most sceptical of retailers can’t deny 2012 offers retailers more opportunities than we’ve seen in while.

Within the collection you’ll find something for everyone; blatant shameless self promotion of the Union Jack as in these fantastic fun bags, and for those still wanting to maintain a dignified modicum of British moderation, you’ll find more subtle hints of ‘Britishness’ too…….as well as my favourite – the pig bag!

With a guaranteed influx of tourists and an appetite for all things red, white & blue, try out some of these simple ideas that will help increase sales and improve profits this year:

1. Bags of profit!

Place a bag from our wide range of jute and cotton shoppers, bags for life or novelty fun bags by the till to increase impulse purchases at minimal cost.


2. Make a Party of it!

With an explosion of celebrations this year, be sure not to miss out on the essentials. Our vintage cotton style bunting will fit in perfectly with rustic farm-shops and delis, but they will sell out fast. Call us to reserve yours on 08000 85 85 95.


3. Accessorise, accessorise!

Increase perceived value with minimal effort by adding tag, sashes and bows. Here are some easy ways to carry a small range of stock products and ‘seasonalise’ them with simple accessories.

Adding a sash to a wooden box, card gift carton or wicker hamper could not be easier and lifts the finished product. Sashes are versatile and come in vertical or horizontal variations.


Simply by adding a union jack gift tag to an existing product is an affordable way to make your gift stand out. These gift tags for hampers are available both in wood or card, plain or Brit themed. Don’t forget plain wooden gift tags can be screen printed with your logo.


Bows & Ribbons
Add a gift bow, raffia pull bow, or curling ribbon to a wicker hamper or gift carton, it doesn’t have to be a union jack design, you can simply merchandise with appropriate colours to fit the occasion.

Most of the hamper packaging and gift products in the Cool Britannia range are available now to purchase. Our themed hampers blog is packed with ideas you can create for yourself. Start your planning early, we expect these lines to sell fast and when they’re gone they’re gone. We’d love to hear from you, so do let us know what you think of the range and what plans you have for the year in the comment section below or on our  page.

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  1. The Sediment Blog at 4:47 pm

    Yes, Chapel Down would be so much more… British!!

    (And couldn’t agree more about the Blossom Hill…)

    The Gods smile particularly upon our subscribers… 😉

  2. Bobby Stearns at 4:35 pm

    Fair comment! Ten points to the eagle-eyed Sediment blog member. Would a bottle of Chapel Down English sparkling appease the wrath of the gods? It may have to, I can’t find anything else to photoshop it with…

    Fab blog by the way – if only the Nations’ sweetheart wasn’t Blossom Hill 🙂

  3. Todd @Underwoodwines at 8:11 pm

    Love the ‘Rule Britainia’ theme Bobby. Yes, you really should have chosen one of the many great English sparklings. Maybe some Camel Valley next time? 😉 ^Todd

  4. Bobby Stearns at 10:35 am

    Jeeze Louise, hold onto your knickers Mister T – if Underwood Wines sent me wine samples more often I’d have something to work with! 🙂

    Well spotted guys, image changed Rule Britannia!

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