Valentine’s Hampers are still big business

Here’s one for you.

Did you know that sales of single greeting gift cards in the UK accounted for £1.39 Billion in 2010? Before you completely choke on your digestive biscuit, let me tell you that that is more than sales of tea and coffee put together. Statistics from the Greeting Card Association Market report (can you believe there is one?) shows that on average we send 31 cards per person each year, which basically means someone must be sending a lot of gift cards because they’re clearly accounting for my share too.

That aside, it’s great to know that seasonal gifting in the UK is very much alive and kicking, and Valentine’s Day is no different. It’s a massive contributor to annual retail sales; it seems love pays and offering hampers and gift accessories at this time of year can help boost sales in what is always a relatively quiet first quarter.

I’ve always observed Valentine’s day stress to be something slightly worse than Christmas. If you fail to deliver at Christmas, you’re forgiven for the slight over-sight, which could happen to anyone at such a busy time of year. But not Valentine’s.  Forgetting Valentine’s is like forgetting whom you love in first place. So we suggest you capitalise on this and make it easy for them by pre-making hampers and gift baskets that say it all with a kiss.

Here’s one we’ve made – feel free to copy it, use it for inspiration or view a full range of useful hamper and deli packaging lines perfect for this time of year.

We used:

Medium Black Tray (TRM/BK) @ £1.90p
Clear Cellophane Wrap (WR/CL) x 1.5m @ 0.22p
Black Sheer Ribbon (SHRW/BK) x 1.5m @ £0.34p
3 x Gold Bauble Pick (PIK/GB) @ £0.26p
Small Bubble Wrap (SBW) x 3m @ £0.60p
Black Crinkle Cut Shred (CC/BK) x 130g @ £0.68p

TOTAL £4.00

For all the components to make this sultry Valentine’s Day gift hamper – Simply add some Shocking Pink products for great effect.

In this instance we added:

Fine Chocolates in a Heart Box from
Coriander Chicken Spice Mix from
Nicolas 1/4 pink Champagne
Love Love Tea from

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