Monthly Archives: January 2012

Themed hampers create extra profit for local retailers

We’re always harping on about ways local independent retailers can use gifting to capture the imaginations of their customers and increase profit. We’ve written about themed hampers in the past but over the Christmas period we came across Frosts Naturally’s website, one of our customers who are well and truly flying the flag for maximising gifting opportunities by offering themed hampers.

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Valentine’s Hampers are still big business

Here’s one for you.

Did you know that sales of single greeting gift cards in the UK accounted for £1.39 Billion in 2010? Before you completely choke on your digestive biscuit, let me tell you that that is more than sales of tea and coffee put together. Statistics from the Greeting Card Association Market report (can you believe there is one?) shows that on average we send 31 cards per person each year, which basically means someone must be sending a lot of gift cards because they’re clearly accounting for my share too.

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Dress for Success – Merchandising and Retail Display

Retail Display

At WBC, we certainly wouldn’t call ourselves consumer experts per se, but our customer base of more than 10,000 independent specialist retailers certainly are. We’ve spent years listening to your experiences of what works and what doesn’t, and when we asked some of our customers to share how they’ve dressed their retail space for maximum impact, we were blown away by the response. There is no magical way to become a successful retailer, but we’ve put together a few of our favourite tips that should inspire you in the year ahead. Our growing collection of merchandising solutions are designed specifically with your needs in mind, so you can offer your customers the very best retail experience.

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