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Why printed ribbon makes sense for decorating hampers

Helen's Hampers - Personalised Luxury Gift Hampers

Let’s talk printed ribbon for a second.

Remember when you were forced to wear school uniform every day of your life and you had this love/hate relationship with it? You moaned about it of course, but then when it came down to it, there was something remarkably satisfying in not having to think about what you were going to wear every day. Well that’s printed ribbon for us.

One simple printed ribbon to dress all your hampers. It’s quite genius actually and WBC’s branding service is receiving more and more requests for it. Maybe standardisation calms us down or something, but order and uniformity appeals to many of us, and for the retailer, it gives your merchandising a harmonious visual appeal. Branding ribbon in your corporate colours, logo, name or message, reinforces your brand and gives it identity, a quick and cost effective way to turn generic  plus it just looks classy too.

Available in almost any pantone colour of your choice, below you’ll find our list prices, pantone colours and 5 reasons you should give personalised gift packaging a try. But first,   take a look at some recent companies that are using printed ribbon to dress their hampers. Evidence that some of the simple things in life don’t come free, but certainly look fabulous.

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Yes Chef! Bespoke catering keeps WBC engines well-oiled

Some of you may know that during the busy Christmas sales period we call upon the amazing skills of talented Italian chef Mario Presi to keep us fed and watered. I know, utterly decadent right? Probably makes us sound like the Imelda Marcos of the gift packaging world, but in truth, it’s really just a clever ploy to keep us entirely focussed on you, and getting your Christmas orders out as fast as possible. Something to do with the way to a man’s heart, that I’m sure applies equally well to the ladies. While it’s not quite the feeding of the 5,000, the truth is we’re probably just as messy. So we appreciate Mario’s hard effort and patience.

Here are a few of the masterpieces we’ve had the pleasure to consume these past few weeks! Big thanks to all the local suppliers for the produce that’s keeping us well fed and watered.

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Food Marketing Experts’ 5 elements of a great Christmas display

Born from a passion to help pop-up shops and independent retailers on the British high street, I recently visited Brampton based gift shop ‘It’s Your Gift’ to share with them the tips we’ve picked up over the years, specifically in terms of increasing trade through retail signage, and point-of-sale display in the run up to Christmas. Take a look at what you can achieve on a small budget with minimal time and fuss; all for maximum impact.

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Why WBC will never supply bags for life at unsustainable prices

Why WBC will never supply ‘bags for life’ at unsustainable prices

Acquiring a jute bags for life business has certainly opened our eyes to the printed “bags for life” market in the UK, especially the knock on effect it has on the Indian communities where jute bags are made. The entire process from growing jute, processing the raw fabric, manufacturing and finally shipping jute bags, is hugely important to the West Bengal region of India, as well as neighbouring Bangladesh.

Whilst the use of jute fabric has declined from its peak in the late 1950’s, the jute bag business has been given a massive boost in recent years. That’s a positive development for the region. Everyone wants a piece of the action, especially as consumers and governments alike begin to wise up to the destructiveness of plastic. But what happens when you drive down prices at the expense of those who depend on it for subsistence? Here are some of the reasons why WBC will never supply ‘bags for life’ at unsustainable prices.

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Top 5 Christmas hamper packaging best sellers

Top 5 Christmas hamper packaging best sellers

We’re not normally ones to kiss and tell, but when it comes to our Christmas gift ideas and best sellers, we’re happy to. So what gift packaging sells well? What inspires other retailers? What is hot this season? We have over 850 gift packaging lines and even though they say variety is the spice of life, it can be an intimidating amount to choose from. Here’s a list of our top 5 Christmas gift packaging best sellers. Check them out, and for more Christmas gift ideas, read our blog ‘How to increase sales with Christmas hampers’ for top tips on how you can increase profits this Christmas.

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Mixed feelings for Scotland’s Autumn Trade Fair 2012

Glasgow smiles better – was the PR mantra Scotland rolled out some 20 years ago in a bid to promote trade and tourism and capture much needed capital investment. It was one of the first and laudably most successful promotional campaigns ever held by a city and it quickly landed Glasgow with a sporran full of national and international awards. A quick wiki scan shows the campaign focused on the cultural richness of the city, its environment, its mild climate and its suitability for retail enterprise. Whilst I have to immediately take issue with any concept of Glasgow having a ‘mild climate’, certainly some decades on from the campaign and it’s clear something has worked. Tourist boards now refer to Scotland’s ‘better’ capital as the best place to shop outside London. In fact an Experian study has had it placed in the top spot for the last 5 years! Bobby visited Scotland’s trade Fair Autumn 2012 to have a look and see what’s happening in the area of gifting, who was exhibiting and some of fair highlights.

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National food & drink awareness dates in October


There are a billion and one awareness days/weeks coming up in October, keeping track of them can be bit of a nightmare. I confess in the past I’ve been relatively cynical about the sheer volume of things I’m supposed to be aware of. Maybe it’s just that one too many aubergine days of the week have sent me over the edge, or the thought of celebrating them all, just exhausting. The truth is, many of our British producers are working tirelessly to stay afloat and sustain the growth of food production on UK shores. Raising awareness of the importance of the local produce to our communities is a great way of doing just that. So even if you don’t drop everything and cover your store walls in pretzels the next time you see that awareness month pop up in your twitter feed, the very least we can do is spare them a thought.

But if you want to take it that step further, why not get involved or kill two birds with one stone and create a small interchangeable hotspot with portable pop-up stands within the store to celebrate a particular event. You can see how easily CH & Co put together attractive displays. Not only will it capture shopper’s interest but you’ll probably find you sell more in the process. So it’s a big thank you to lovely food association Tastes of Anglia for bringing our attention to the following list of dates. Here’s the list of events…

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