The [Un]usual Suspects

Having taken part in the hair-raising challenge that is ‘Movember’ these past 5 years, this year we almost took a sabbatical. Not because the idea of a whole month of public ridicule and self-repugnance wasn’t top on our agenda, but simply because our charitable focus for the year had gone down alterior routes – namely supporting causes, community groups and food networks in our local area.

But boys being boys, a break with tradition was never really on the cards. A small stubborn number of WBC boys/men took things into their own hands (so to speak) put down their dignity, picked up their shears and sculpted the perfect ‘tache in aid of raising awareness in the fight against prostate cancer. Bravo. Here’s the evidence…

For the uninitiated who may have wondered if the shady looking men walking down their street had mysteriously been initiated into some Tom Selleck look-alike cult, here’s a link to show that it’s all for chaaaaarity – come on girls, it’s only for a month, but you can donate anytime!

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