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How to send wine bottles as a gift through the post

Sending a bottle of wine as a gift through the post or courier network can be a nightmare. It’s odd then, that next to sending flowers or giving a bottle of fine wine or Champagne as a gift for a Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas is so normal, sending it through the post should be a relatively painless process too. But is it? Every retailer who’s ever tried to mail order bottles, knows it can harder than it looks.

So, here’s our guide on how to send a wine bottle as a gift through the post.

Sending bottles through the post can be a nightmare

Many independent drinks retailers can testify that the simple art of transporting a bottle of wine from A to B, is actually nothing of the kind. It’s not that simple, and it can be a nightmare.

If you offer customers a wine delivery service, mail order wine options, or send wine bottles for corporate gifting, you’ll know that sourcing a trusted courier service is a painstaking process. Anything less than arrival in one piece can be at best embarrassing. At worst, when it involves corporate gifting, promotional gifts for an event, incentives for staff or bespoke awards – it can spell disaster for a company’s reputation.

A cursory search online throws out a ton of searches made by many such retailers and consumers alike. ‘How can I send a bottle through the post?’ ‘What’s the best way to send a bottle?’ and ‘I’d like to send a wine gift, what do I do?’

Choosing the right protective packaging for your needs

Customers frequently ask us which of our bottle transit packaging options fit which occasion.

To help you figure out which range to choose from, we’re developed a simple comparison chart as well as a rating system. Ultimately it’s your choice how you send your wine and Champagne gifts, and we’d always recommend discussing your options with your courier in advance.

The responsibility to find both the correct outer packaging and a suitable carrier, becomes all the more important when so many courier companies flat-out refuse to take wine parcels at all.

The good news is that by buying from our Mailsafe, Polysafe or Safe Air range of transit cardboard boxes, you’re buying protective packaging for bottles that is courier approved. Our transit boxes are easy to configure and delivered to you super-fast, so you’ll never have to store bulky items. Ultimately, you’ll be sending beautiful gifts, while maintaining your peace of mind.

Courier Approved Wine Packaging

Many couriers will stop you dead in your tracks when you ask the question “Do you ship liquid?”.

Now you can avoid endless trawling through the internet for suitable courier services that transport wine. Our range of Mailsafe, Polysafe, Safe Air ranges have been approved by several popular courier companies including:

  • Parcelforce
  • Interlink Express
  • DHL

Diagram of transit boardThe Science

Protective packaging is made from 100% recycled corrugated board. It consists of three main components:

• An outer liner
• An inner liner
• A fluting glued between the two

This ‘sandwich’ looking construction gives the corrugated board its strong rigidity, and the unique ability to cushion and protect the contents inside. Corrugated board comes in a variety of weights and thicknesses (types of flute) that are either single-walled or double-walled. ‘B’ flute is great. ‘EB’ Flute is better.

Keep it Green,
Keep it British

Support and boost the UK’s manufacturing industry while reducing your carbon footprint. WBC’s transit packaging is not only ‘Made in the Britain’ but it’s made from 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper or card as well.

Brand your Protective Packaging!

Turn your box into a walking advertisement for your company with WBC’s printing services. All our protective packaging can over printed with your company name or logo, or overprinted with a special message. While prices vary depending on the carton size and print design, it’s an affordable way of promoting your business wherever the box may go.

Components can be purchased separately. Simply purchase the cardboard box, have it branded by us in 7 days and then buy smaller volumes of internal fittings as and when you need them. For more information visit: wbc.co.uk/printingservices

When your budget doesn’t quite stretch that far, why not print your name or logo onto packaging tape – it’s a cost-effective alternative. See our printing pages for more information, or call our friendly team on 020 7737 4040.

Turn your Protective Packaging into a Gift

Protective packaging may not be the most glamorous packaging we sell here at WBC, but it doesn’t have to be completely dull either. Turning a humble cardboard box into a beautiful gift is easy with our decorative and seasonal tape and tissue papers.

The more you buy, the more you save. Buy in bulk, and save up to 25% off already wholesale trade prices!

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There are 10 comments for this article
  1. Nick Harvey at 9:48 am

    Thanks for the really good suggestions on how to gift & send bottles safely, I’ve also found that using existing gift boxes that are supplied with most sparkling wines i.e Moet or Veuve Clicquot fit perfectly in the Mailsafe postal packs which makes this budget option even more attractive.

    Keep the ideas coming guys!

  2. Mox at 1:24 pm

    Is there a courier company that you would recommend? I’m struggling to find anyone who would take glass bottle with liquid at a reasonable price to still be value for money for my costumer.

  3. Tim at 9:05 am

    Strangely Interlink do not carry liquids.


    alcohol including beers, liquids of
    any kind,

    • Bobby Stearns at 11:43 am

      Hi Tim,

      Cheers for your message. Actually they do so long as it’s in ‘courier approved packaging’ which ours have been approved for. See below from their website…so long as it’s in our Mailsafe range packaging, you should be fine.

      Liquids must be shipped in leak-free containers packed with lightweight protection.
      They must also be in a leak retaining protective plastic bag.
      Damaged liquids can cause contamination to other customers’ goods.

      All wine must be shipped in a carton approved by interlink express.
      Once approved the standard terms and conditions will apply.
      The approval should be arranged through the Sales or Account Executive functions.
      There are two wine carton manufacturers whose products have been approved by interlink express. They are:
      Saxon Packaging – 01502 513112
      The WineBox Company – 020 7737 4040
      The following range of products have been approved:-
      BX12, M1, M2, M3, M6 & M12, M/MAG, PP1, PP2, PP3, PP4, PP6, PP12, PPMAG & PP/S
      To view these products visit http://www.winebox.co.uk

  4. Daniel Cope at 6:39 pm

    Hi WBC,

    I just wanted to say thanks for the quick delivery, good products and excellent customer service. We use your products for 90% of our packaging needs. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Bobby Stearns at 12:19 pm

      How on earth did we miss this lovely message!?? So sorry for the slow response and thank you thank you for your kind words. We try our damnedest to get orders out as fast as possible so this feedback has got us blushing that it worked like clockwork in your case! This is going to be cheeky, but we survive on word of mouth and we’d love it and be ever so grateful if you copy and pasted this review to our google listing. Would help us out immensely! https://goo.gl/kbjwQg

    • Maria Tross at 9:07 am

      Hi Deah, thanks for reaching out!

      Regarding packaging, it depends on the size of your bottles and how many you’re looking to send. You have the option of choosing between strengths of packaging from 1* to 5* (as can be seen above), and then picking a size of box varying between 1 – 12 bottle. Unfortunately we cannot give you a courier price, but you’ll be able to get an estimate from most couriers online.

      All the best,

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