Christmas Hamper Sashes for boxes

Our recent ‘Cool Britannia’ blog revealed some of the designs my team and I have been working on for 2012. It’s been a really fun project looking toward next year, considering trends, and crafting designs for what is sure to be a historical time for the UK. I’ll write again in the early part of next year to give you further heads up on design trends, but for now, one that we predicted to be big in 2012 has in fact become popular this year. Let me introduce a new addition to our line of finishing touches – Hamper Sashes.

Decorative hamper sashes, sometimes known as cummerbunds for gift boxes and wicker hampers are a big deal this season. Popular I’m sure because they’re simple to use, and instantly transform a basic box into a luxurious and expensive gift – not to mention a ‘Christmassy’ one. Despite scheduling the launch of our hamper sash designs for 2012, we decided to get ahead of the rising trend by bringing a limited range forward for release this season. We now offer you an exclusive Christmas design just in time to use with your 2011 Christmas hampers. I am sure they will be as big a hit with you as they already are with us.

Our Christmas hamper sash adds a contemporary and simple touch of elegance to a variety of the deli trays, wicker hamper baskets and wooden gift boxes from our core range of gift, hamper & bottle packaging. I referenced Scandinavian design patterns which continue to be a very popular trend this season, and I think the juxtaposition between the contemporary graphic pattern and the natural texture of the product works seamlessly.

These early release hamper sashes are exclusive to WBC and available in ‘landscape’ or ‘portrait’ format depending on the product you intend to wrap it around. We’ve printed the gift sashes on 430 micron gloss card finished for a classic UV finish.

Whatever sector you’re in, as a busy retailer you may not relish the idea of getting stuck into complicated finishing touches. This new design should really help to save you valuable time. Simply slip the cummerbund around products such as the 20/10CVN and WK14 and then fix it in place using a clear sealing sticker or even just a bit of sticky tape. Immediately you’ll find they increase the perceived value of your gift box or hamper, which is bound to help you increase sales and improve profit! I had lots of fun designing them, and I hope you enjoy using them too. Be sure to keep an eye out for our up-coming designs for 2012 including an increased range of hamper sashes, by saving our RSS feed. You can check out some of my preliminary designs in our ‘Cool Britannia’ blog.

Merry Gift-mas!

Mark Ho

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