INSPIRE ME: Knitting Hamper, by Arona Khan

Here is a crafty way to pile profits high, with a hamper basket that makes a great gift in itself! Designed by gift-wrapping expert Arona Khan, the white oval rattan hamper used is on SALE at 50% OFF while stocks last!! Read more to see how Arona puts this beautiful hamper together.

You can have a ball creating an eye-catching hamper display of assorted wool that will not only attract the attention of passersby, but will enable you to spring clean your stock too.  Include items such as knitting patterns, knitting needles or crochet hooks to make the perfect present, the cost of which could be shared amongst a group of friends or various family members.

Display with a kraft paper gift tag, wooden gift tag or brown heart blackboard peg with the words “With love from us all” to sow the seed of this idea.  Knit one, pearl one but you dare not drop the opportunity to increase sales this way!

If you don’t have enough wool, fill the base of the hamper with scrunched cellophane (using offcuts from other hampers) or use WBC’s wide range of shredded paper or wood wool, then pile the balls of wool on top.  Then all you need to do is wrap it in clear cellophane wrap and tie with ribbon.  Don’t forget to get creative with the finishing touches.  I used wired paper cord knotted at each end and made into loops plus a little knitted with those jumbo needles before adding crocheted wool.  The remaining tail of cord I twirled around my finger.

I used:

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Below, the same rattan hamper basket has been used to make up a classic baking hamper. Identifying your customer base and what they can afford to spend is important when developing your gifting ideas. Once you’ve identified these essentials, base your hampers around a theme and group product accordingly.

You know your customers – pick a theme that inspire’s them!

This would be perfect for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or Mothers’ Day. Your customers will thank you for making their life easy.

For further top tips, and to learn how to make hampers and gift baskets work for you, purchase Arona Suggests, a step-by-step DVD to help you brush up on your skills within the comfort of your home. Or take your hamper making skills to the next profitable level, why not book yourself onto one of the many ‘Retail Therapy’ training courses that WBC offers across the UK.

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