How to wrap a Hamper

How to wrap a Hamper

How do you wrap a hamper? It might be a simple question but it can take a little ‘know how’ to wrap a hamper that looks both chic and professional and doesn’t drive you completely batty in the process.

This technique uses cellophane wrap which can be used to gift wrap just about anything: gift wrap a wine bottle, gift wrap wicker baskets, or simply gift wrap those awkward shaped boxes. Our cellophane wrap comes in clear, spotted or gold-starred – perfect for Christmas hampers.

Remember, hampers are a real gift for retailers, especially this time of year, where a selection of Christmas hampers have come to be expected. Whether you’re a deli owners, farmshop, or wine retailer, taking a little time to learn how to wrap a hamper will provide you with a fantastic opportunity to increase sales and boost margins.

Visit our WBCpackaging youtube channel and you’ll be mastering the hamper making techniques in no time at all!

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  1. M Raza at 3:26 pm

    I have watched this video quite few times to master my wrapping skills. Explained well and very easy to follow steps. However if you are an ecommerce site nadwant to ship that hamper than got to be a bit carefull as fruit moves inside due to inappropiate handling of the packaging there is chance for fruit to be squashed. Is there a way to wrap fruit basket securley so fruit doent move inside the basket while being delviered by Post.
    thank you.

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