Increase sales with Halloween hamper packaging


  • Halloween is the third biggest money spinner after Christmas and Easter.
  • Halloween outsells both Mother’s and Father’s day combined.
  • Halloween spend in the UK was £12m in 2001 & predicted £300m this year

What plans do you have for capitalising on sales of Halloween gifts and related spin offs this year? Ensuring you have a ready supply of Halloween gift packaging, Halloween themed produce, and Halloween hampers, could bag you some much needed profit even before the Christmas festive season hits. Here are some of our Halloween gift packaging uk ideas:

If Halloween signals the beginning of the lucrative party season, it’s not an occasion that retailers should be tempted to overlook. Christmas can take up the bulk of your creative ‘head-space’ with retailers meticulously planning gifting ideas and added services that tip the balance between breaking even and pocketing considerable profit. It’s important that that takes place of course, but what if you were able to increase sales on top of the mad rush at the end of the year.

A recent special report on consumer spending commissioned by the INSIGHTS team at Scotland’s Food Drink Association, has shown that retail performance is peaking even higher now around specific calendar events. They suggest that:

“Since the recession, we have seen the continued trend of consumers looking to spend more time at home with family and seeking new ways to entertain friends. With Halloween regarded as a fun social occasion, the number of themed parties is growing with an increasing amount catering for adults.”

The likes of Tesco’s and Walmart owned Asda, have cottoned on to the easy buck to be made during this the third largest consumer spending event in the UK. The multiples have been doing it in the US for years, and now they aren’t missing a trick here (no pun intended). Even chocolate brands like Cadbury’s, are releasing Cream Eggs in September, re-branded as Cadbury’s Scream Eggs. By saturating a largely complacent market with an ever increasing range of: Halloween food hampers, Halloween gift packaging and related Halloween sweets and costumes, these multiples know it’s a big money spinner.

Image on Food supply a range of themed Halloween gingerbread novelties, perfect for seasonal gifting. Pictures above show Collington’s tea house displaying Halloween gingerbread biscuits in WBC retail display units and a range of wicker trays , wicker baskets, & wooden display stands.

If you’re an independent retailer wanting to get in on the act, and really you should, you have a small window of opportunity with which to stock up on Halloween gift packaging. It doesn’t have to be a huge range, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. A simple Halloween hamper made up from the following range of colour coordintated packaging is all you need; and then hey presto – you have an impulse purchase that increases perceived value:

Here gift-wrapping guru Arona Khan uses WBC Halloween packaging to put together a simple yet effective Halloween hamper. Send this link to your friends!

“In the lead up to Halloween last year I saw so many themed gifts that at times I thought I was shopping in the United States! A wide selection of merchandise is now available in the UK for this increasingly popular event – both sweet and savoury items including bottles of brew, bars of chocolate in Halloween wrappers, sweets in scary packaging or hot and spicy relishes. Your competition won’t have a ghost of a chance if you offer customers hampers that they can take to trick-or-treat parties!

Hubble, bubble, too much toil and trouble? Not likely! Here is an opportunity to push up profits with some innovative hampers that will also provide an eye-catching display. To keep costs low you could choose inexpensive packaging like this fluted cardboard gift tray. Add some shredded paper or decorative fill in colours associated with Halloween. Then all you need are some devilishly good gifts to put in the hamper. Shrink wrapping will not only keep everything in place but will also enable you to display the hamper upright so customers can see all it contains. If you’re not sure how to shrink wrap, take a look at my youtube video ‘How to shrink wrap the prefect hamper’. To decorate, seal a length of textured ribbon around the gift and top with a stop and lock pull bow.”

For this Halloween hamper, I used:

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Happy Halloween!


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