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Italian Harvesting Crate

When managing director Andrew Wilson, took a couple of these extra large Italians home, we were nothing short of intrigued to see how Mister green fingers would get on.

Original Italian fruit harvesting baskets are made from woven, split coppiced, sweet chestnut, and really are a unique and authentic retail merchandising solution. They’re exclusive too because quite simply, they’re in very limited supply. Andrew sourced them in Northen Italy some months back, and as a part of our new retail display range we think they make a beautiful and  stunning addition to any deli, farm-shop or garden centres’ in-store display. Especially if you are looking for something eye catching to re-vamp your store.

It has to be said, that they are also very big. Someone recently asked me on twitter if they were big enough to house a small child (not quite sure what he had in mind) but I did suggest to him that they are probably big enough to ‘house’ a decent sized adult.

Anyway, so Andrew takes a couple home, sprinkles a few seeds, adds a whole lot of love, and well, hey ‘pesto’, these are the before and after shots.  We’re told the courgettes were bountiful, if the toms a little less so. Still we reckon the baskets are a complete success! And if you’d like to give them a go, snap them up quickly, at the time of writing I believe we have only 18 left.


Italian fruit basket with freshly planted courgette and tomatoes


Italian fruit basket (6 months later)

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