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Sales Assistant, Emma Jackson and Beddington Warehouse Manager, Sebi Martinez

Every company has a charter. Every business has a mandate or a statement of beliefs that help them to focus on what really matters. For the past two decades, ours has pretty much stayed the same: we serve independent retailers with products that add value and increase sales. All the nuts and bolts needed to turn products into profit generating gifts. But, if that’s the what, even more important is the how. How do we do it?

Surviving as an independent today is increasingly challenging. When they say it’s ‘dog-eat-dog’ out there, they only know the half of it! With the current financial climate the way it is, it can be near on impossible to make a profit. Over the last two decades that we’ve been trading, we’ve learned that independent retailers have specific needs when it comes to suppliers, and those needs are not just about preference but necessity.

• Can they deliver orders super-fast?

• Do they hold a wide range of stock product that I can choose from?

• Will they supply in small quantities so I don’t have to hold stock?

Everything we do at WBC is geared toward making life as easy as possible for you. We hold the UK’s largest range of gift packaging – that’s somewhere in the region of 800 different lines, in stock and ready to go. We try our utmost to deliver them within 48 hours (within mainland UK). With over 9000 live customers, it’s not always the easiest task, but it’s a challenge we rise to.

Like you, Christmas is the busiest time of year for us. Annually, our warehouse will pick, pack, and send out over 36,000 parcels and 24,000 of those are sent out in the last 3 trading months of the year. A well-oiled and efficient warehouse machine is the secret to maintaining a seamless operation.

One of the many aisles of our Beddington Warehouse

WBC Beddington Warehouse

While our head office and main distribution centre is in South West London, our 17,000 sq foot warehouse in Beddington is where we hold the bulk of our stock products. Remember that point about us ‘holding the stock so you don’t have to?’ Well this is where it’s kept, and it’s far bigger than you think; lines and lines of new product, apple crates stacked 30 ft high and luxury wicker overflowing from the aisles. It’s a real mission to keep product stocked and well organised.

Sales Assistant Emma helps steady a leaning tower of wicker Beddington warehouse manager – Sebi Martinez

Beddington is run by Sebi Martinez, a veteran when it comes to running logistic operations. He’s from Santander in Spain, he drives rally cars, and from what I can tell, he’s as cool as a cucumber under pressure; even when this happened during my recent visit. Whoooooops!

Heads up! Daniel McAdam operating our new pallet wrapper

Our brand new pallet wrapping machine is the new talk of the town. It saves the boys a heck of a lot of time manually wrapping. Sebi is proud of this new baby, it’s like the long lost child he never had –considering he already has 3 actual children of his own, that’s certainly saying something.

WBC Pallet Truck

Our 18 ton Artic trailer runs stock product back and forth to our distribution hub in London, as and when we need it. Then it’s parcelled up by a team of Aussies, Kiwis and an Englishman and sent out the same day so that it reaches you in no time at all.

So now you know; choosing WBC is a no-brainer really! We always take things personally and we only ever insist on the type of service we would expect for ourselves. As Christmas edges closer, remember plan ahead, and place your orders as early as possible. For further information on delivery and discounts visit us online today! www.wbc.co.uk

Happy ordering!

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