“101” uses for an antique fruit crate

WBC’s vintage fruit and chitting crates

When we introduced our line of Antique French fruit crates earlier this year, we knew they would be popular for specialist food and drink retailers looking for unique ways to ‘retail’ display their products. What we weren’t prepared for, was the level of demand for them. Or the variety of uses that our customers find for them. These range from cleverness to the downright weird and bizarre. It takes all sorts, but here are some of the ideas we’ve come across on our travels.

Crates Arrive at WBC HQ

Also known as ‘Bushel Crates’ or ‘apple crates’, each vintage wooden box comes with its original producers name branded on the sides; all were in regular use up until recently. For retailers: garden centres, farmshops, delis, or wine merchants they are a perfect retail display solution that adds a sense of drama and rustic authenticity to any retail establishment. Many of our customers have re-vamped their stores, giving their space a simple, cost-effective face lift with a knock on effect of increasing traffic. We recently did a case study with Pretty Traditional, a local organic fruit and veg store in London, to show that by simply getting rid of plastic crates and combining a range of wicker hampers, wooden bushell crates, and wooden retail display stands, you can create an authentic eye catching transformation, that can
change the entire perception.

Fruit Crates Make Great Wine Display Units

This nifty idea is something we are seeing a lot of as a retail display solution amongst independent wine retailers . Of course we’ve chosen Chapel Down’s sparkling wine for this picture, simply because it’s so scrumptious, after we do a shoot, there’s every chance we can accidentally take a bottle home. You can imagine that a wall display made up of lots of these vintage apple crates placed on their sides, with wine neatly arranged within, is not just eye-catching but mixes a bit of old-school with a bit of new-school; class and elegance with some rustic charm. It reminds us of the way All saints use old Singer sewing machines for their merchandising window displays.

Apple Crate Shelving Unit

Trend Alert: recycle vintage apple crates as shelving

We love this concept for easy storage design brought to you by the clever people at Bailey’s Home and Garden. Like the storage for wine and champagne, put these apple crates on the wall and they become an excellent display solutions for fine food and drink products. Stack, wall-mount, make them into drawers; with a bit of imagination, the uses are endless. We’ve even seen people attach castors and turn vintage apple crates into living-room tables or side tables which can then be easily moved around. And no longer do you have to trawl through ebay or trapse through every local flea market under the sun to source these wooden boxes. Our collection of retail display solutions, include these fruit crates at trade prices – that’s more than half the price you’d find them sold to consumers on the web, in fact they’re even more pricey on the highstreet!

Bug Hotel

It’s a bug’s life

The great thing about social media channels like twitter and facebook is that our customers can send us quick links to pictures that feature the many crazy uses they find for our products. None more crazy and ingenius than this picture taken by Laura Harvey of the Essex Wildlife Trust.  It is basically a Hotel…..for bugs! made out of our vintage apple crates.

The Essex Wildlife Trust facilitates outdoor activities for local young people, making use of natural resources within school grounds while encouraging creativity and responsibility. Not just highly qualified experts in environmental science we think these bug hotels show the extent of creativity and design that the Essex Wildlife Trust, along with the help of our age old vintage wooden crates, has vision for.

So you can see the uses are endless! We haven’t quite got to 101 yet, but with your help, we might. Send us your pics; show us the weird and wonderful ways you have used our fruit crates. Remember, how you present your products speaks volumes to consumers, it can actually add a whole lot of value to sales. Increasing value, increases your profit, and the first step is to create a stage. Whether you’re displaying wine, storing fruit and veg or housing bugs, recycled vintage is the way to go. And with WBC’s trade prices, you’ll pick up crazy bargains at equally crazy prices…..but don’t send them back if you find a 1950’s creepy crawley hidden in one, it’s also part of the fun!

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