A Boxing History (part 1)

Liquid iD - Surviving in a Small Way, Telegraph 1992

Despite initial rebuffs by banks and financial services, WBC’s managing Director along with business partner Tim Wilkinson, turned a simple idea and a small Prince’s Trust loan into one of the UK’s best known B2B packaging brands and a multi-million pound annual turnover. With over 21 years experience, Andrew is a mine of inspiration with a business acumen that has seen him advising many young entrepreneurs, mentoring for The Princes’ Trust, and providing key input into several start–up businesses. In A Boxing History, Andrew chronicles the humble beginnings of Winebox, from inception to success. Maybe you’re just starting your own business, or maybe you’ve been running one for some time, set your RSS feed for regular updates – this is his story, his thoughts and experiences, hopefully you’ll find them interesting too.  

Liquid iD began by producing personalised labels for Champagne bottles

Tim Wilkinson and I met at Middlesex Polytechnic where we both studied European Business Administration. To earn money in the holidays we won a contract to remove promotional banners from Friary Meux pubs in the South East of England. However, without any equipment, most notably a long ladder! it led to some very Heath Robinson style creations, just to reach some of the banners. The course involved a two year stint in Reims, France and during our time there we met a number of small Champagne growers and the idea of offering specially labelled Champagne and wine took form.

With an early £5K loan from the Prince’s Trust we bought a van and it in turn it bought us our first high profile corporate customer, American Express. The Trust assigned a business advisor to us,  which proved invaluable in providing much needed direction as well as focusing some of our more off the wall ideas.

Having supplied a few Oxford Balls and several other events, we decided we should give it a go full time when we left college. Liquid I.D was born.

(To be continued)

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